Modern Cleopatra

Hello everyone! My post for today isn't about makeup or nail art. I just cant help not to share this to my blog.  My Fashion Juice has teamed up with Required Flare to giveaway a piece of their fierce and rockin’ jewelry, a Chain Link Tri-Cuff Arm BraceletWhich is available in gold or rose gold.
It is such a gorgeous accessory that's been seen all over the runway this season.
I'm so glad having it for free! Now I'm thinking where to wear and how to rock it!

What do you think of this piece of jewelry?
Would you wear it?

- Shing


  1. hI there! :) hope u could join on my giveaway! heres the link:


  2. wonderful outfit :) love the pictures and you're such a pretty!
    I was always looking for this kind of armlet *_* it's amazing!
    in btw really nice blog you have here, dear. keep up the great work
    and maybe you'll have a look on my blog as well, if you like :)


  3. how cool, I have the same arm cuffs :)
    Great pics!

    x Daisy

  4. Fabulous cuffs! It has a dramatic flare to them, love it!

    Suzie Q

  5. so cute! love the gold! Love from Las Vegas!!
    -Jasmine O.


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