Doctor Salt (for your skin) Review

Hello Everyone. I want to share you this amazing beauty product that was sent to me by Korea Cosmetics. It's called Dortor Salt  from Hilsco Medical Inc., a functional cosmetic salt added with honey, antimicrobial, patented composition,resilient ingredient and moisturizing ingredient into the mineral and purified salt. It is said that salt was a Cleopatra's favorite and salt came into use to brush teeth in Korea long time ago.

The action of the osmotic pressure of Doctor Salt: 
  • It helps promote metabolism by effectively removing wastes in the body and reduce swelling by enhancing blood circulation. 
  • It helps clear acne or rashes by a sterilization and anti-inflammatory effect and makes your teeth and gums stronger and gets rid of bad breath if you brush your teeth with the salt.
  • It has an excellent moisturizing effect taken by attaching salinity to the skin 
  • It has a properties to keep a human body warm to relieve the muscle and joint pain.

It looks like some kind of food, right? peanut butter or pudding? :)

Body Massage
After shower, take some amount and apply on wet body. Massage body and get sweat in sauna.

Use for scalp
After shampoo, put 5g of Doctor Salt in some water and apply on scalp softly. After 5 min, rinse it.

Facial Wash
Enlarge pores with steam towel. Put some Doctor Salt in water and massage for 3-5 min, and then rinse with water

Half-Bath/ Foot Bath
Put 30-50 g of Doctor Salt in warm water, and then take a bath and foot bath.

Foot Massage
Put Doctor Salt on entire feet and massage, and then cover feet with wrap. After 10-20 min, rinse with warm water.

First day...
I used it as a facial wash and  I just followed the direction given. It smells like a 'sea breeze' or 'sea air'. I just say it smells wet, and a bit salty, like when you find shells in the sand. It has a coarse-grained texture so be careful, mix it with a little amount of water and rub it on your face gently.
I focused on my nose area where I have lots of oil seeds and whiteheads. 
 It's warm and I noticed some tingling sensation on my face. (that means it's working!..)


I love it right away because it really get rid most of my whiteheads and it made my skin silky soft.

After six weeks of using the product...

I wish you could touch my face right now so that you'll know how soft it is. (^_^)  It really get rid most of my whiteheads and it tightens my pores. It also lessen some fine lines on my forehead and hands. I have a very sensitive skin but it didn't irritate or make my skin blotchy at all.  It made me used less makeup which helped me when I'm in a hurry. I just use lip stain, mascara and eyebrow powder.
I didn't use it on my hair because I don't have problems with my crowning glory anyways. Overall, I'm very happy with the product because it gave improved results. Awesome!

Have a great day y'all!!!
Remember: Be beautiful inside & out

- Shing ♥


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