Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick Swatches

Swatches left to right:  965 Cherry Picking, 968 Pinkerbell, 966 Don't Blink Pink, 905D Smokin Hot Pink 

Left: without flash, Right: with flash
965 Cherry Picking

966 Don't blink Pink

968 Pinkerbell

905D Smokin Hot Pink
If you're following my Tumblr account you'll remember that I did some Wet in Wild Megalast Lip color  swatches. And last weekend, I bought these lovely and very eye-catching lip colors. They are gorgeous and bold. They're also non-drying, long-lasting lip color at crazy cheap prices. What more could I ask for? I will definitely go back & grab some other colors they have....(^_^)

Have you tried the Mega Last Lip Colors? 
What are your thoughts on them? 

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Wet n Wild in any way and the products purchased were paid for with my own money. 


  1. Your blog is so cute...You have Sakura in the side bar!

  2. Aren't they just great. i picked one up a few months ago and after trying it i went back and got me 4 more lol.I love em, the hold, the colors, the pigmentation. I actually wrote a review too and about the mega lasts!
    Love your lips!

    1. I love them!
      Thanks for following ^_^

  3. I love these lippies and you can't beat the price.
    I just nominated you for a blog award.

  4. I was searching for a particular wet n wild lippies on google and I happened to bump into your blog.. new follower here, Hope you can follow back :)

    Eyah of www.eyahnism.info



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