I'm Shoe in L♥ve

I got my platform pumps & crossbody bag today and I fell in love with them…I bought them from Payless.  The shipping was outrageous and I couldn’t believe they shipped everything so fast. My husband ordered this last Monday (2/13/2012) and then I received it Wednesday afternoon (2/15/2012). Actually, I’m a flat shoes lover and sometimes I dare to wear 3” heels. I never purchased a sky-high heels shoes before but now I want to give taller heels a try. ◔_◔They're gorgeous, versatile and a good buy for the price. I'm not the best walking in stilettos and sometimes find myself almost tilting over, but practice makes perfect! Well, the platform does make it easier to walk in. My husband said they look classy and sexy at the same time. It makes me feel taller too. Hmmp…and now I want to buy these in all colors! hahah…I also ordered a Victoria’s Secret lace dress and I can’t wait to receive it next week! 

I put black wide belt on with a gold buckles.

The tracking information said that it'll arrive next Tuesday but I was surprised because I received it last Friday. (。◕‿◕。) Yay! Earlier than I expected. I love it! It's so classy yet sexy.

 - Shing

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