DIY: Earring, Embellished Hair Pins & Brooches Holder

I've been thinking on how to organize my jewelries we're I can easily get it instead of  searching & opening all my jewelry boxes. I made this DIY three weeks ago and I wasn't able to post it right away. It's an earrings, embellished hair pins & brooches holder/organizer. 

Here's the materials:
1. Lace -  
two pieces of it with a length of 1/2 meter each
 (*should be identical)
2. ribbon - for lacing up

3. Glue - I used this to secure the ribbon  in place and
 to avoid uneven  tightness
4.Sewing scissors  - of course for cutting LOL
5. I used  sock hanger because a dress hanger
would be too big for the earring organizer.
 *Last step is to glue the lace to the hanger. 

and tadah !!! Here's the finish product...

So what do you think?
Do you have other amazing DIY ideas on how to organize jewelries?

- Shing
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  1. you're so creative!

    Check out my fashionblog

    P.s There's an international MAC cosmetic giveaway going on :>

    xx Heidi


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