Canary makeup

Hello everyone! 
Sorry for not updating my blog with new makeup looks, and it is been three weeks. It is because of some health problem. Well I'm back ^_^ and I made two makeup looks which is Kendra inspired makeup (beastly movie) and this makeup look which I called Canary. Hope you'll like it

A little bit of eki: Visit to Sigma Beauty+ Giveaway(reblog)

A little bit of eki: Visit to Sigma Beauty+ Giveaway: Had a chance to visit Sigma Beauty headquarters right here in Minneapolis. Jen and I was greeted by the super friendly Sigma team made u...

Alexander McQueen Spring Summer 2011 Shoes

Black Orchid Lace Pumps

Embossed Leather Boots

White Embossed Leather Boots

Black Butterfly Sandals

Butterfly Sandals

Wheat Pumps

White Leather Pumps
Studded Lace-Up Ankle Boots

-Shing ♥

Swatches: NYC Long Wearing Nail Enamel

Just want to have some playful nail color this summer. 

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