DIY: Lace Earrings

Ola! everyone. 
So today I decided to do a DIY lace earrings. It's super inexpensive and still glamorous.
Here are the materials you'll need:

Gyaru makeup ♥_♥

So here's my first attempt of Gyaru (means = gals ) makeup. Gyaru girls are fashion-conscious and are always up-to-date on their appearance, including hairstyle, clothing, accessories, nails, and makeup.  They always dress and redress to impress.

Getting Started:

Gyaru girls have a few features in common.  To adopt the gyaru look, you’ll need:

1)    Porcelain skin, meaning a smooth, even complexion.  Use makeup if you must (most gyaru girls do, anyway).
2)    Eye makeup: A major feature of a gyaru girl is her large, doll-like eyes.  You want to emphasise your eyes.  Girls on a budget, you can start off with eyeliner and a pair of false eyelashes.
3)    Dolly circle lenses enlarge your iris, and, as a result, make your eyes look bigger. 
4)    Nice nails:  If they’re painted, they shouldn’t be chipped.  If they’re plain, keep them clean.
5)    Bling: On your cell phone, in your hair, on your nails, bling is your friend.
6)    A closet of anything that looks good on you.  Vintage can be “in.”  If you look good, you’ll feel good.  Gyaru girls do spend a lot of time on their appearance, but ultimately, they’re confident.
7)    Inspiration: Take a look at fashion magazines and come up with a personal style. You can find loads of gyaru magazine scans.  Find your own style with some help.
8)    A soft spot for cuteness.  Some gyaru girls keep cute plush toys, cute dresses, cute cell phone straps, everything cute!
(source:  Madly Juicy)
(w/out circle lenses)

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