Pumpkin Patch & Corn Maze

Hello everyone! Going out to a pumpkin patch to pick pumpkin, was a fun-filled activity for fall season. Especially for me, because it was my first time to experience that. Halloween in the Philippines is not like the Halloween in the Western countries. Although it's also a big holiday but we celebrate it in a different manner. Halloween in the Philippines lasts from the eve of October 31 to November 2. We spent remembering our dead love ones and these dates will usually find most of us in the cemetery or memorial park. No, we don't celebrate it with trick-or-treats or pumpkin although sometimes some families or subdivisions practiced this Western tradition there. We celebrate it through flowers, candles, prayers and a visit to the cemetery.

I was also amazed with the corn maze (it rhymes!).

I also love the hayride...

 ... LOL ^_^ I'm playing with my corn candy.

By the way here's some tips on...

How to Select the Perfect Pumpkin:

Select a pumpkin that is completely orange. A partially green pumpkin might not ripen any further.

Size is an important factor. Medium pumpkins are best for pumpkin carving. Small pumpkins are better for cooking.   

Do not pick a pumpkin that is too big for you to carry, especially if you have back problems.  

Does the shade of orange matter? If so, there are hundreds of varieties, some with different shades of orange.
Selecting the shape is a matter of personal preference. Some like 'em tall. Others, like 'em round.
Often, people select shapes to fit the carving patterns they will use. Pick your pattern before you go.
Do not lift or carry a pumpkin by it's stem. The pumpkin stem gives it character.
A ripe pumpkin has a hard shell that does not dent or scratch easily when pressing on it with a thumbnail. Do this on the back or bottom of the fruit.......never on the face.
Examine the entire pumpkin carefully for soft spots. If you find even one soft spot, go on to the next pumpkin.
Check the pumpkin for cracks and splits. If you find one, examine it to be sure it is not turning into a soft spot or has mold inside of the crack.
Look for bugs and insects. Specifically, look for holes in the pumpkin, which are indicative of insect problems.

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