My Quarter Century Birthday !!!

 I can't believe that time flies very fast and I'm officially quarter century older now. I still feel like a teenager and sometimes like I've been trough all difficulties in life. This is the first time I celebrated my birthday away from my family in Philippines, actually I felt a little bit emotional the day before my birthday because I missed them. But I'm still happy because my husband is always on my side comforting and loving me. I'm still very happy because I received surprises from him yesterday. My sweet Aunts from California gave me a call and greeted me as well as some friends. Well, I don't want to detail all what happened, I'm still very happy at the end of the day because of those people who care & love me. ♥-♥ I hope and I pray that God will continue His blessings, guidance and allows me to achieve all my dreams and goals in life.

My husband and I went to a Pan Asian restaurant.
California rolls

My ice cream cake  layered with vanilla ice cream, cookie crumble and chocolate ice cream.

 Thanks guys for reading! Until next time! Bye!       



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