Twiggy eyes & Doll lips

Hello everyone! (^_~)
Halloween is near. Have you decided what costume/look you want to be on that day? Well if you want to look cute but still creepy on that day, here's an idea. This look is inspired by Twiggy, an English model. 
Hope you like it! (^_~)


Step 1: Prep & Powder
Apply concealer,  powder, and pink blush. For me I used foundation powder in a lighter shade for a doll look complexion.

Step 2: Shadow
A pearly pink eyeshadow was used over eyelid to minimize darkness. 

Step3: Crease
With a small eyeliner or angled shadow brush, line just a smudge above the natural crease of your eyes with a black (or dark brown) shadow. Losse powder works best. but you can also use a pencil if accuracy is an issue, just be sure to smudge it so it's not just a solid line.

Step 4: Liner- Lids
* You may have a damp Q-Tip at hand so errors can quickly be erased. 
Start at the outer edge of your eyelids as close to your lash line as you can. Make the line gradually thin out as you get to the corner of your eye.

Step 5: Lashes
To apply, very carefully peel both lash sets off plastic. Very gently squeeze a thin line glue along the edge. Be sure to apply the lashes to the right eye. You may have to reapply liner if glue takes some off or smudges it.

Step 6: Liner - Lower lashes
To exaggerate and dramatize the eyes. Twiggy paints on her lower lashes. Starting at the outer edge and working toward the corner.  Each line is thicker at the top near your eye and tapers to a very fine point. You will need a really good, preferably new liner brush for laser accuracy. And also, don't forget to use white pencil liner for your waterline to open your eyes.

Step 7: Mascara
Brush on a light coat of mascara to blend natural lashes in with the false ones if desired.

Step 8: Lips
Next, bright red, true pink or orange matte lipstick. ASpply concealer over your lip line. The concealer should match your skin color. You will want to outline your lips for a cupie doll look by drawing your lips round and fat almost heart shaped. Color in your lips with the lip liner before applying your lipstick. * You can also use lip gloss as desired.

Step 9: Finishing Touches
You're done! Now clean up any stray liner or shadow and apply pink blush.

What do you think?
Would you try this for Halloween?

Any Halloween makeup request?



  1. cute look...i think i would wear it even if its not halloween :D

  2. i LOVE the MOD look! twiggy is amazing and the whole 60's era is so iconic! i love how you re-created the look!


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