DIY: Lace Earrings

Ola! everyone. 
So today I decided to do a DIY lace earrings. It's super inexpensive and still glamorous.
Here are the materials you'll need:

You’ll need:

-lace trim or a lace doily

- clear nail polish ( you can also use Elmer’s multi-purpose glue)
- a bowl or measuring cup (if you gonna use multi purpose glue) - a pair of ear wires- a pair of pliers/a pair of scissors

1. Cut the lace in your desired style or shape with scissor.

2. Coat it with clear nail polish to make it stiff. (For the all purpose glue: mix it with water in equal parts.Submerge the cut shapes into the glue mixture. Using the side of the bowl, squeeze out as much excess liquid as possible. Lay the pieces down on a flat non stick surface.
3After a few hours of drying, attach stiffened lace onto ear wires using pliers.

And walla! Here's the finish product ^_^

I'll be making more of this in different styles.
Hope you enjoy reading this DIY lace earrings tutorial.
So till next time! xoxo

-Shing ♥


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