Hello! This is me, Sheila.
I created this blog to document and share my fascination with makeup artistry. I am not a Professional or an expert, nor a makeup artist. I am still learning new things everydayChanging the way you look is fun, makeup comes off and you can be someone new every time. Yeah~ Nobody's perfect, we should be confident on what we have but sometimes we need an extra  oomph of this and that.    
And, since I also love paintings, sketching/drawings and designing clothes then I might also include them. So far this is my first entry. I'll hope you'll continue to follow my blog. 
Add it to your RSS feed, bookmarks, etc. 
I hope you enjoy reading.

- Shing ♥



Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment! I really appreciate it.◕‿◕

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