Myth: Fact or Fiction

Myth: Matching eye shadow will make your eye color pop.

Fiction. Actually, contrasting your eye makeup with your eye color is what will really stand out. Here are a couple recommendations based on your eye color:

Green/Hazel: Plum, deep browns, and light golden hues
Blue: Smoky charcoals, chocolate, and bright berry tones
Brown: Soft pinks, natural beige, and shades of bronze
Myth: Beauty products have an expiration date.

Fact. That's right — just like groceries, your beauty and hair products have a shelf life, too. The expiration date depends on the beauty product. Here are a couple common ones:

Mascara and Liquid Eye Liners: 3 months
Liquid Face Makeup, Cream Eye Shadow: 6 months
Powder Face Makeup, Powder Eye Shadows, Pencil Eye Liners, Lipstick, Lip gloss: 2 years

- Shing ♥


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